Sri Lanka's first pain unit declared open in Colombo

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The first ever pain unit in Sri Lanka run by a consultant in pain medicine will be opened by his excellency the Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa on the 2nd of September 2020 at no 31 Horton Place Colombo 7 on the invitation by Dr Namal Senasinghe MBBS, DPM, FFARCS, FFPMCA, CCST(UK).

The centre has residential facilities with 8 rooms with en suite and air conditioning for patients from abroad and outstationd to have their treatment by this world renowned consultant in pain medicine. It has physio therapy services to the highest international standards run by team of physiotherapist. Dr Senasinghe is the eldest son of late Mr Stanley Senasinghe and Mrs Mallika Senasinghe of Kandy.

Dr Senasinghe had his early education at Trinity college Kandy. He graduated from the North Colombo Medical College with a MBBS. Four years after his graduation he migrated to England for his higher studies. He underwent training in anaesthesia, intensive care and pain medicine in the London school of anaesthesia at St Bartholomew’s hospital in London. He became a consultant in pain medicine in 2003 at East Kent University NHS trust. He decided to stay back in England as his practice grew with time.

He has given up his lucrative private practice in the UK at 55 years of age.Dr Senasinghe is bringing with him a vast experience couple with numerous skills, experience and knowledge as a consultant in pain medicine in the UK for 17 years.

Pain is accepted as a part of life In Sri Lanka. Poorly managed due to lack of expertise lack of medication etc. Doctor Senasinghe’s mission is to introduce a proper pain management service to Sri Lanka where no Sri Lankan should suffer with pain. He believes that pain relief is a fundamental right of every human being. But this is challenging due to lack of resources and due to lack of support from the ministry of health. Sri Lanka has to be assertive to develop new fields in medicine or any other profession.

To improve pain services in Sri Lanka following are necessary

1. Proper medication according to the step ladder ride by the WHO. Upper most ladder being Morphines.
2. Complimentary therapy readily available such as physio therapy.
3. Availability of trained consultants in pain medicine,
4. Multidisciplinary team work
5. Funding

The London Pain Management Center is a private institution which is capable of delivering most of the above. The service will treat a ‘Rana Viruwa’ every day free of charge. Sri Lankan sportsmen and sports women from less privileged back ground will be treated free of charge. Dr Senasinghe will do visits to the sports ministry in Torrington Square to see and treat sportsmen on a weekly basis if requested by the ministry of sports.

MBBS, FFARCS, Dip in pain med, FFPMCA,CCST (UK)

Consultant in Pain Medicine . 
Dr Senasinghe in a dual citizen of Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom.


MBBS, FFARCS, Dip in pain med, FFPMCA,CCST (UK) Consultant in Pain Medicine .
Dr Senasinghe in a dual citizen of Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom.
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Dr Ruvini Senasinghe

The well being clinic is led by Dr Ruvini Senasinghe MBBS DPM MSc MHCH MRCPsych (Lon) who is an experienced consultant psychiatrist in the United Kingdom. She specialises in anxiety, stress, depression, panic attacks, extreme psychotic conditions, CBT etc.

31, Horton Place 

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London Pain Management Centre

31, Horton Place Colombo 07 Sri Lanka Tel 0767155716

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