Our Services

  • Assurance and advisory practice provides both financial statement verification and integrated audit services. Our objective is to make sure and develop high quality financial reporting processes that comply with national and international accounting and auditing standards.

    We always maintain the quality of service that meets the highest standards and we guarantee that our service is independent, unbiased, professional, objective and technically excellent.

    • Financial Assurance Services

    Audit of financial statements is the keystone of our Assurance Services. Our main objective is that independence, integrity, and credibility underlie your financial statements when we sign our report. You can be assured that the users of the financial statements will be receiving a high quality report that complies with the requirements of professional standards.

    To this effect we conduct internal and external audits and other assurance services to ensure that financial statements and other information provided by our clients are reliable and conform to statutory requirements.

    • Preparation of forecasts and projections

    We assist management in preparing forecasts and projections that are in compliance with reporting standards.

    • Special financial analysis and consultation

    We assist companies in assessing the fiscal condition and soundness of financial management practices and provide recommendations for improvement.

    • Compilations and reviews of financial statements 

    All compilations and reviews are conducted in accordance with the Sri Lanka Accounting Standards and Practicing Statements. Our understanding of your unique business and operations is of critical importance when expressing assurance that no material modifications need to be made to the financial statements.

    5) Contract Accounting Services

    Providing accounting services to companies outsourcing finance functions